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Energy Boom Spurs Sector's Need For Young Workers

The energy revolution brought on by shale gas is brightening U.S. fortunes as an energy producer, but it has also revealed a shortage of skilled young workers that could last for years. Shale oil and natural gas extracted by hydraulic fracturing - fracking - has changed the U.S. from being hopelessly dependent on foreign sources to growing its energy independence for decades to come.



New Technology For Cleaning Frac Water Gets Positive Marks in Water Quality Test

"Our patented technologies greatly improve the methodology of removing contaminants from oil field wastewater, and compared with current methods, it is more cost effective, and can be done onsite," said Jeff Soward, President of ARANA Water Technologies.



Gas fracking boosts US economy, energy independence: study

The Obama administration unveiled a report Thursday that credits fracking with making the United States more energy independent as well as creating 133,000 new jobs - including in New York neighbor Pennsylvania.



The surge in US shale oil has offset declines elsewhere, stabilized world oil supply, prevented gas prices from rising

With the huge increase in the supply of domestically produced crude oil in recent years - US output is now at a 27-year high and heading for an all-time record high next year - why haven't gas prices come down?



Inno-Versity Presents: America's Energy Boom by Stephen Moore

This Inno-Versity Inno-Mation was adapted from Stephen Moore's talk on America's Energy Boom: How It Will Save U.S. Manufacturing and Recharge The U.S. Economy.



Oil and Gas Industry Continues Innovating to Reduce Environmental Footprints

This week, oil and gas operators have been getting a lot of coverage for what they do best - innovation.



Local Governments Getting Boost from Shale Energy Boom

We know that the shale energy boom has been good for job creation and the economy. Now, a new study finds that shale energy development is a net plus for local governments.



As Emissions Fall, Greens Increasingly Embrace Shale Gas

For many years, environmental activists have pushed for bans, moratoria, or other restrictions on hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), alleging the process is a threat to public health and the environment. But in recent months, increasing numbers of environmentalists have distanced themselves from the "ban fracking" agenda.



U.S. Crude Output Advances to 28-Year High on Shale Boom

U.S. crude production climbed to a 28-year high last week as the shale boom moved the world's biggest oil-consuming country closer to energy independence.



Expert: White House likely to lift oil export ban

The White House "will favor" lifting the nation's 40-year-old ban on exporting oil, a leading energy expert said Wednesday at a symposium in San Antonio.